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Transfer services do not carry any guarantees. We will move the primary domain of the shared hosting account free of charge within 30 days of signup even if service has not been used. Additional domains or sub domains are not included in the free transfer service. Please allow 72 hours or longer for the transfer process to be completed.

If transferring from a cpanel host, it is required to have the same amount of free disk space as used disk space. This is required so that full cpanel backups can be generated without errors. If this is not possible, we recommend asking your old host to generate a full cpanel backup for the account and placing this in your home directory.

If you have databases to be moved, you must specifically inform us where and how to access them in the instructions below.

Do NOT cancel your old hosting account until you have changed DNS and thoroughly inspected your site to ensure everything was transferred properly.

For detailed information on if your content transfer qualifies for the free content transfer, please review HostGator Website Transfers. Please note that if there is any doubt, you can email your question to for more information.

Please note that we do not offer free content transfers for downgrades.

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